Topvalu’s “Temaki Onigiri Sea Chicken” is full of tuna mayo and delicious!

I bought a Top Value rice ball at Aeon!

It’s a “Temaki Onigiri Sea Chicken"!

The price was 138 yen (149 yen including tax)!

Hand-rolled Onigiri Sea Chicken

Looking at the package,
It is a product of Aeon’s private brand “Top Value",

The nutritional information is listed on the front page, and it is “217 kcal".

Opening the package

Open the package with a snap.

Crispy nori seaweed
It is a triangular shaped rice ball,

It weighed about 113 grams.

When you break it open and look inside..,

It was full of mayonnaise,
It was a mild tuna mayonnaise!


Tuna mayonnaise" is listed in the ingredients list!


The crispy nori and rice are filled with mild tuna mayo, making it a very tasty sea chicken rice ball!

I highly recommend it, perfect for when you’re hungry!